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breaker of chains

hi, my name is tracy.
i like to reblog things.
sometimes i draw.

if you'd like to contact me--
skype: runesby

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Jun 13 '12
camwhoring from last night???

camwhoring from last night???

Jun 13 '12

wow so i’m playing tf2 and they’ve gotten into the habit of playing commercials after the server loads up and the most recent one i saw was a jacuzzi commercial and it was just the most first-world commercial i’ve ever seen, like it’s this bitch lounging in her hot tub and then playing golf and impressing other rich guys with her golfing prowess and i just

we’re a bunch of poor assholes playing tf2 why would you even advertise that.

Jun 11 '12

the mall i used to work at sent me an e-mail just now asking about my experiences there and i just want to send them a message saying YOU COST ME MY JOB, SHITPASTRIES.

Jun 10 '12
mfw my only aradia picture on hand was taken at like 9 pm when my makeup was going to hell.

mfw my only aradia picture on hand was taken at like 9 pm when my makeup was going to hell.

Jun 10 '12

yo i bet i’m not going to be able to find a single picture of my cosplay.

fuck my life. :[ if anyone happens to have a picture of me as chubbs aradia, let me know pls?

Jun 10 '12

aaand i’m home from animenext!!!

wow, talk about a wild and crazy weekend! i ended up meeting a ton of new people and getting a fuckton of phone numbers! it was a one-of-a-kind sort of thing and there were some good moments, some bad moments, and some bittersweet moments interspersed but overall, there’s NOTHING i regret doing this weekend, and if i could do it all over again i wouldn’t change a single thing. <3 you’re all so amazing, and i wish i didn’t have to wait so long to see you all again. 

but yes, i’m back online! :]

Jun 3 '12

i really want someone to sell me davejade as a pairing.

like i’m always seeing cute fanart and there seems to be plenty of canonical evidence suggesting that there might be something there, but… i just don’t feel it. maybe it’s because i don’t really care for jade on the whole (don’t get me wrong, i like her and when we all thought she was 4real dead i was p. heartbroken). :[

Jun 3 '12

i’m probably going to be bringing postcard-sized prints of the soldierstuck girls to animenext. u wu

i’m just wondering how many i should bring???

and are there any other drawings i should make prints for???

Jun 2 '12

a question about my aradia horns???

as some of you are aware, i ordered mine and painted them to look like aradia’s—however, because they are hollow on the inside i can’t really attach them to a headband (i don’t think so, at least). can anyone who has experience with these horns tell me what they’ve done with them and their wig? my only solution now is an elastic band i was able to tie them to, as seen here:

does anyone have any alternatives, or should i just stick to what i have? :O

(p.s. you looked so cute that night, invah. :’3)