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breaker of chains

hi, my name is tracy.
i like to reblog things.
sometimes i draw.

if you'd like to contact me--
skype: runesby

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Oct 3 '12

eight-at asked:

Any fetishes?

ok let’s see:

  • people wearing suits, especially when they’re tailor-made to fit that person’s specific body type. a well-fitting suit is so appealing to me.
  • accents!!! whether it be english or southern or russian or anything i just really, really love accents.
  • on that note, having an attractive voice is a huuuge plus for me.

i thiiink that’s it??? i’m sure i have more, but those were the ones that came to mind first.

Oct 3 '12

eight-at asked:

What piercings/tattoos do you have? Plan/dream on getting any specific ones?

i’m p. vanilla, actually. c’: i’ve only got two piercings on each of my ears. i used to have a nose stud, but i had to take it out before an operation and i just never put it back in so it sealed up. 

i don’t have tattoos, but i’m planning on having my mom and dad’s signatures tattooed onto my wrists (my mom on the right, my dad on the left). i also want to get something on my right shoulderblade, but i’m not sure what!

Sep 19 '12

kindless replied to your post: wow i want to be with someone???

Dude me too. But I don’t even get opportunities to chicken out of. You gotta go for it if you have such a chance. Do it for all of us!

yES GOOD, i will believe in you who believes in me who believes in you!!!

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Aug 9 '12

kindless replied to your post: just so everyone’s clear i have a huge fetish for…

I can oblige

wait hold on woah whaaat.

Jul 27 '12
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