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breaker of chains

hi, my name is tracy.
i like to reblog things.
sometimes i draw.

if you'd like to contact me--
skype: runesby

Posts tagged homestuck cosplay

Mar 20 '13

i’m genuinely surprised to see how little fanfare there’s been for inglot’s pacific blue lipstick collection. yeah, it’s a little on the pricier side ($12) but inglot’s a really good brand and it has the most perfect shades of blue (a dream come true for vriska cosplayers!!!).

Nov 1 '12


This was my cosplay for Halloweenstuck

Soldierstuck design belongs to Runesby

I’ll do a proper shoot with this sometime.


Sep 3 '12


Sir yes Sir!

jade: stripedpants

photo: thief-of-sexy

otakon 2012


Aug 26 '12



jade harley: stripedpants

photo: thief-of-sexy

soldierstuck: runesby

otakon 2012

Jun 11 '12

John: heyitspj Photo: thief-of-sexy

look at my presh bab.


John: heyitspj
Photo: thief-of-sexy

look at my presh bab.

Jun 11 '12


TZ Photoshoot at animeNEXT 2012

Dragon Suit Terezi:


wow look at this qtpie.

Jun 2 '12

a question about my aradia horns???

as some of you are aware, i ordered mine and painted them to look like aradia’s—however, because they are hollow on the inside i can’t really attach them to a headband (i don’t think so, at least). can anyone who has experience with these horns tell me what they’ve done with them and their wig? my only solution now is an elastic band i was able to tie them to, as seen here:

does anyone have any alternatives, or should i just stick to what i have? :O

(p.s. you looked so cute that night, invah. :’3)

May 15 '12



Riflekind + Fistkind

Soldierstuck!Roxy, based on design by

This was such a fun cosplay to do. The shoot was kind problematic, since I was afraid the cops were gonna get called because of “two suspicious girls, one carry firearms” >.< Plus, a little league game was going on >.< 

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o m g this is incredible and wonderful and amazing and everything i could ever want all at once!!! the pink gloves are an excellent touch, and the boots look fantastic! most of all, that helmet! i’ve been so surprised by potential cosplayers that have been able to find/make their helmets and i just find it so awe-inspiring. it’s an absolute honor that you’ve chosen to cosplay my design. thank you so much, and keep rocking the roxy. <3