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breaker of chains

hi, my name is tracy.
i like to reblog things.
sometimes i draw.

if you'd like to contact me--
skype: runesby

Posts tagged gerugeru

Apr 24 '13

gerugeru replied to your post: whats your middle name now? (I think Cindy Sayonara is an A+ name filing it for future reference)

no idea how its pronounced but its meaning and writing are so nice and kinda delicate?? calling someone dove i mean !

; u; thank! according to my dad it’s pronounced uh-GAV-nee. :’D

Jun 28 '12

gerugeru replied to your post: i don’t mind if people hate on…

I don’t mind it at all when people say they dislike the blog but I DO mind when they think we agree with everything that’s posted! that would make us quite the shizophrenics

i just logged into the a-c account and i’m noticing that a bunch of people are trying to police what we post/don’t post??? >:[ not cool, broskis.