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breaker of chains

hi, my name is tracy.
i like to reblog things.
sometimes i draw.

if you'd like to contact me--
skype: runesby

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Jan 29 '13

Anonymous asked:

u wanna anon together as anons?


Jan 29 '13

Anonymous asked:

I would date you so hard and give you little face kisses

why would you be anon tho

Jan 19 '13

Anonymous asked:

What's the blob stucco brush?

it’s part of a custom set of brushes i downloaded a long, long time ago. notzilon compiled a small list of downloadable textures/brushes, which is where i first found the blob stucco brush. i can’t quite recall which set has it, but they’re all worth downloading. ;D good luck!

Jan 12 '13

Anonymous asked:

"only what i think is funny is the definition of a joke"


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Nov 2 '12

Anonymous asked:

I secretly love you honey boo boo chode

ilu2 chud

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Oct 27 '12

Anonymous asked:

how is your dentist situation? im from canada, and i'd like to help out. but howwww

oh my gosh, thank you so much! my dental situation is a bit better now that i’ve gotten my most severe problem taken care of (the wisdom tooth is out thANK GOD), BUT i still need to look ahead to having my cavities filled before they decay any further. i think paypal works no matter what country though, right? but if it doesn’t, PLEASE don’t stretch yourself thin or anything! just your consideration is more than i could ask for!

Oct 23 '12

Anonymous asked:

Just letting you know; getting your wisdom teeth pulled isn't all that scary. :) I had all four of mine pulled (they were impacted too, might I add.) They were done two at a time... but it over all didn't hurt seeing that as soon as I got home I popped the pain killer they gave me (just ibeprophen 800mg) and went to sleep... Be sure not to drink from a straw anytime soon after it's done though!!

thanks for the support. c’: i had one removed today, which didn’t hurt, but the pressure as they took it out made me REALLY NERVOUS. :’D i’m kind of doped up on painkillers right now, too. and yep, will keep the straw thing in mind. thanks again for the kind words, they really do help. <3

Oct 21 '12

Anonymous asked:

cant send anything your way rn but hope everything works out!

don’t worry about it, and thank you. c:

Oct 21 '12

Anonymous asked:

So have you actually had a dentist look at these teeth? If not, you need to stop guessing what you might need to have done and just get them looked at. If it's only $80 for a visit, I'm sure your parents will pay for that, they love you and it's not much to ask considering how VERY IMPORTANT dental health is. It's not like the dentist is going to force you into a $800 procedure on the spot. But s/he will tell you your options and how much they cost, and you can go from there.

hi yes i do have an appointment set up for tuesday at the cheapest clinic available!!! i’ve gotten these few quotes directly from a couple of dentists i’ve called (i can give you names and addresses if you’re in serious doubt). and yes, it’s about 80$ for the visit and yes my parents do love me very much, but we don’t have the money. i’m barely going to be able to afford the initial visit with my last paycheck, and all of their money is already going to my mother’s medications, which i can name for you if you’re also curious about them. again, my parents love me, but love doesn’t pay for a dentist appointment.

i wouldn’t be this desperate usually, but my store is closing down so i’m also going to be out of a job. i’m sure the dentist will be able to let me pay in installments, but seeing as i’m not going to have any steady income (at least until best buy gets back to me, fingers crossed), i still won’t have any way of paying. 

and you’re absolutely right, the dentist won’t force me to do anything, but the excruciating pain kind of puts me in a bind. i hope i’m not coming off as rude or anything, really. i’m just in a world of pain and i really don’t see any silver linings at the moment.

i really wish you hadn’t anon’d though—i could’ve answered this privately. :/

quick edit: at best, if the cost ends up relatively low and i’m able to cover most of the expenses myself, i will refund whatever i have left. :( i’m hoping that’s reasonable, at least.

Oct 5 '12

Anonymous asked:

i've really enjoyed our conversations, at least the few we've had nwn i think you are a gorgeous artist and a total sweetheart. i'm always glad to see you on my dash, and i love when you cosplay aradia! i wish i could talk to you more but i just never seem to be able to find the time u_u

huff!!! gosh, you’re such a nice person. u wu and pfft, my aradia cosplay ain’t no thang yo. and hey, i can wait… one thousand years…

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